Danny Wünsch

Brandcoach & Creative Director

What makes brands great?

Simply put, they create resonance.

Great brands build relationships with their audiences that go beyond mere transactions. They have a mission, a clear stance, and they know their purpose. It's a special trait of them that they put their audience at the center of their story. Not their products. They strive to connect with us on a human level.

How does that work?

With the probably most human approach to brands.

Research shows that brands that demonstrate human behavior create stronger resonance. That is why my principle is rooted in a deep understanding of being human. I use tools from mythology, psychology, and storytelling to build emotional connections and lasting relationships between brands and people. The path to a unique personality, however, is different for each brand.

I offer a highly scalable method of brandcoaching.

If you just want to rework your vision, need a purpose, pitch deck, or an activating social media story, or you really crave a little bit of edge and attitude in your brand's language – I'll be happy to provide you with any of it. I'd love to recommend further measures, but I won't sell you stuff you don't want and I surely won't sell you stuff you don't need. If necessary on the other hand, I can provide you with the all-inclusive package.

From a single workshop to your own in-house agency.

With my extensive experience in strategy, creative direction, and copywriting I can coach brands holistically, from a single workshop to create a fully-fledged brand personality to implementing its story in all means of communication. I will shape the entire process together with excellent partners. We'll be your personal in-house agency whenever you need one. And only if you need one. This way you'll benefit from all the advantages of an in-house agency, without the structural costs of an in-house agency. You'll get a performance-related and transparent offer for each project.

Why should you do this?

Let me play the „success“-card first.

A brand is the most powerful asset of a business's success. It can attract, inspire and enthuse customers and employees alike. It can make them more loyal or willing to pay more for your products or services and it can ultimately set you ahead of your competition. But a poorly executed brand can lead to the exact opposite effects. Steve is not exaggerating:

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

Steve Forbes

A brand is nothing but perception.

That's the tricky part: a brand is not what you tell people it is. A brand is what people tell themselves (and others!) what it is. That’s why most of the usual advertising is pretty ineffective. You need to turn everything your brand promises into a holistic brand behavior. In other words: the whole secret to being a great brand is not telling but ultimately being who you are. And that is the question I will help you to answer: who are you?

Who am I to tell you who you are?

Quite frankly, I was born for this.

As an INFP it is my superpower to intuitively understand the perspectives of others and resolve their conflicts. I love to provide creative solutions and enjoy supporting people (or brands, in that case) to reach their full potential. This is not only backed by science, but by my vita.

I've been a board game inventor, game designer, and science fiction writer. I've published my own comics and started a television station with my best friend in our attic. Mainly because we were only twelve years old back then.

Since then, I became a renown creative director with 20 years of experience in advertising. My passion for excellent storytelling and copywriting got me countless international awards. I once wrote for the Federal President, created one of the most innovative campaigns in the world, and had my work exhibited in the Louvre.

Now I'm a brandcoach with a comprehensive picture of brand management, communication, and storytelling paired with an in-depth understanding of all things human. And sometimes I'm still kind of twelve years old.

How do we start?

With a “Call to Adventure” …

That is simply the way every great story begins. We get to know each other. Where are you right now, where do you want to go, what is standing in your way, and how can I help you get there?

I'm also happy to tell you a bit about myself, the tools I work with, and why I believe that resonance is more important than attention.